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The Uniqueness of Rhythmic Gymnastics Compared to Other Sports

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines dance and gymnastic movements. Some aids, such as ribbons, balls, and ropes, can be used in rhythmic gymnastics. This sport can be done individually or in groups. Rhythmic gymnastics lately began much in demand by the public. Not a few fitness centers or sports classes that hold rhythmic gymnastics. The reason is because this sport is healthy, at the same time exciting and fun. The Advantages of Performing Rhythmic Gymnastics There are several benefits of rhythmic gymnastics for health, including: Increase flexibility and strength of the body. Train the balance and coordination of the body. Maintaining heart health. Improve bone health, bone mineral density, and bone strength. Improve memory and concentration. If done routinely, rhythmic gymnastics can be a good exercise choice to help maintain weight. Not only that, this fun exercise is very good for reducing stress. Participating in rhythmic gymnastics classes can also be a pl
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Similar Vocal Cords Disorders Symptoms of Asthma

Asthma symptoms are often similar to vocal cord abnormalities. As a result, many people find it difficult to distinguish the two conditions. So, how to distinguish? The vocal cords are a pair of small muscles that are in the larynx. If it vibrates, both of these muscles will produce a sound. However, just like other tissues in the body, the vocal cords can also be damaged and susceptible to infections, tumors, or injuries. The vocal cords can close uncontrollably while you are breathing. This is referred to as vocal cord abnormality or dysfunction. But there are also those who call it laryngeal dysfunction or paradoxical vocal cord movements. Vocal cord dysfunction can sometimes occur quickly and may require hospital treatment. A malfunctioning of the vocal cords can happen to anyone, but women are more susceptible to attack. Causes and symptoms of vocal cord abnormalities Abnormalities in the vocal cords can be caused by many factors, such as exercise, making too much noise, ch